While Molokai resists urban growth in favor of preserving its natural state, it is not at all unfriendly to visitors. Born from two volcanoes, Molokai exists in a near organic state, ranking the 10th of 111 human-inhabited island and archipelagos in a sustainability assessment published by National Geographic Traveler magazine and the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations. Local life thrives in central Molokai, home to a booming macadamia nut industry, a 500-acre coffee farm, and several fisheries.

West Molokai boasts some of the state’s largest, yet least populated beaches, granting visitors a unique and intimate experience with local flavor. East Molokai is even more au naturale, home to the Kamakou Preserve – a 2,774 acre rainforest. Those who treasure natural wonders and outdoor adventure must make Molokai a must-see!

Off the coast of Molokai, many of our clients choose sport fishing as an enjoyable leisure activity,  scouring the fish rich ocean for food and trophy.



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