Do not miss the exciting opportunity to go deep sea fishing! When you book a sportfishing charter with Hawaii Yachts, our charter directors consult local fishermen about the best, most plentiful routes, so you can be sure you will find yourself at the right place at the right time, regardless of the season. Sportfishing is an excellent opportunity to come face to face with ocean beasts! Often, guests deep sea fishing find themselves engaged in an epic tug-of-war with an enormous fish, nearly their full size! That said, deep sea fishing certainly allows demonstrations of brute strength, making it a perfect activity for classy, leisurely bachelor

 parties or for an evening out with the gentlemen.

Our fishing charters also welcome families, so do not hesitate to bring everyone aboard. Our professionally trained sportfishing staff will assist you and your guests with any aspects of fishing you desire, from placing the bait to reeling him in. Of course, our sportfishing yachts are so spacious that not everyone aboard needs to feel involved in this particular activity; after all, some of your guests might squirm when they see a worm! Allow your charter director to accommodate all needs and find the perfect set of personal add-on’s. While some members of your crew might prefer the manlier, more rustic activities, others might prefer more leisurely modes of relaxation including personal stylist services, massage therapy with optional aromatherapy, or even parasailing. Each person aboard can have exactly what they desire, and our charter directors work hard to anticipate your needs before you even have to ask.

Take a moment to view the chariots of your future fishing expedition: the luxurious Kalele – our 52′ Egg Harbor sportfishing yacht and the sophisticated Lurline.


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