Believing in the power of positive energy, Hawaii Yachts’ core values are aloha, kaleana, and ohana.  Although commonly a quotidian salutation, “aloha” possesses a deeper meaning, and actually refers to not only sending and receiving positive energy, but to living in complete harmony with the earth and those around you.  Aloha is a state of mind, a way of life that pervades Hawaiian culture, employing positivity, love, peace, and trust as its champions.  It encompasses a deeper appreciation of relationships, allowing that which is left unsaid heard, that which is unseen recognized, and that which is unknown known.   In the spirit of aloha, Hawaii Yachts welcomes you aboard to experience the understanding and community inherent to this way of life.

Bolstering the importance of aloha is “kuleana” or personal responsibility and accountability.  Kuleana means owning up to your actions when they are are wrong and standing up for your own actions when they are just.  Appreciating the immense amount of trust generously given to us by our clients, Hawaii Yachts is committed to keeping that trust intact and accepts responsibility for the safety and well-being of its clients.

Finally, Hawaii Yachts embraces its clients, crew, and  community as “ohana” – an extended family.  Hawaii Yachts demonstrates respect towards every individual, valuing their contribution to the ohana and striving to positively improve upon that connection.  As a family of concerned individuals aiming for the greater good, Hawaii Yachts wants every member of its ohana to feel welcomed, respected, understood, and cared for.








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