Explore your adventurous side in paradise with jet skiing or parasailing. Connecting with nature is already a breeze in Hawaii, so why not let it be your guide, if only for a few hours? Ride the ocean waves and explore your inner self or bring a friend for an intimate and unforgettable experience as you fly infinitely faster than the fish surrounding you on your jet ski. Paradise needs a wild side too!

Parasailing provides hours of fun for both children and adults. Glide through the breeze with a parasail to your back and your friends or family in the boat below. Experience the adrenaline rush of being rocketed through the air – this must be what your private jet and seaplane feel like all the time.

Hawaii Yachts boasts a highly professional trained staff who is happy to assist you with any questions you might have. They personally attend to not only the clients, but to the equipment as well, so you can rest well knowing that all aspects of safety have been both considered and compensated. Our staff refuses to partner any client with any equipment deemed unsafe and ensures that the client understands the equipment thoroughly before use.



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