The Opportunity to plan an onboard wedding creates a memorable event of a lifetime.

Our weddings are performed on a single yacht or in flotilla style with multiple yachts depending on the size of the party. Even if the wedding is planned at one of our many options for private estates there is no more memorable event than spending time with your family and friends aboard a custom private yacht to celebrate the occasion as a reception wedding or after wedding activity.

Our maritime floatilla weddings are unique…imagine Groom and family and friends arriving on one private yacht to the main yacht and Bride and family and friends arrive on a second yacht.  All yachts then raft together in lagoon or marina and the ceremony begins.
Turn key services from Private Chef, such as award winning Hawaiian executive chef Philippe Padovani or Local and Products Chef Peter Foster  Luxury Transportation by Mercedes Bentley and / or Rolls Royce, Or Platinum Limousine. Pastor services, Floral, Wedding Photography by Stephanie Reidel of
Whatever your maritime or oceanside wedding dream dictates Hawaii Yachts is ready to provide all services from airport pickup to accommodations to an unforgettable day at sea for your friends and family’s custom Hawaiian oceanfront wedding.



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