Understanding and respecting the privacy and safety of our clients, Hawaii Yachts offers world-class personal security accommodations suitable for any range of protection.  Our team members include not only extremely experienced and highly trained professional bodyguards, but former U.S. Navy Seals who are dedicated to your protection, on both personal and international levels.  Hawaii Yachts’ security accommodations are unparalleled in the industry.  Each personal security staff member applies proven techniques and strategies to ensure your safety, both in public and in private, according to your specific security needs.  Hawaii Yachts’ personal security team has been trusted with the personal safety of a plethora of people including athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and government figures.

Because of the varying degrees of security often requested by our clients, we offer a wide range of protection services including armored vehicles and other protective equipment including firearms.  Rest assured that anytime a Hawaii Yachts personal security officer operates any security equipment, regardless of how advanced that equipment is, he has been extensively trained on the operation of that equipment and is fully aware of its specifications, use, and effects.  Hawaii Yachts is extremely proud of and takes its personal security very seriously because we understand how important personal safety is to and for you.


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