Welcome Aboard Hawaii Yachts Concierge Service

Welcome Aboard Hawaii Yachts Turnkey Concierge Services!

Sailing Hawaii Yacht Charters with Hawaii Yachts and The Sailing Club Hawaii is the turnkey access to all of the best of what Hawaii’s mountains to the sea have to offer, from waterfalls, private beaches, still lagoons, and exotic reaches, prepare for an “OMG” experience on the largest and newest fleet of yachts with genuine loyal service and concierge services for your entire holiday.  From the moment you arrive, meet our driver’s by private car and lei service who assist in guiding everything from accommodations in private homes to luxury hotels, private club access and an impressive fleet of motor and sailing yachts that await your service.  Our captains, stewards, and crew ready to assist with all your travel needs, book with us by phone and we will help you plan every detail of your trip from private dining with our chefs to recommended must see locations, restaurants, resorts, night life, entertainment, wellness, activities and ultimate retreats.  We will plan everything with you on any and all the islands in the “loveliest fleet of islands anchored in any ocean”.  Relax your holiday begins from planning, its worth your time, we are at your service every step of the voyage, from touchdown to departure.  Welcome Aboard, Call us direct to plan your holiday today +1.808.222.9768 Local or International Direct +1.800.908.5250 toll free in the US.

TOLL FREE 1.800.908.5250

INTERNATIONAL +1.808.222.9768