Teach your children about responsibility, class, and teamwork with a yachting adventure.  Maybe your daughter dreams of flippering through the sea like Ariel or your son fantasizes about pirate life aboard ship!  Diving off the swim deck for a quick snorkel or scuba dive, kids will love getting up close and personal with sea creatures like dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.  While aboard ship, children can feel free to ask the captain questions about the ship, sailing, and any other maritime questions they might be curious about.  Escape the pressures of the everyday to whisk your family away aboard a private paradise.

Adults know kids can be fussy eaters, but with custom dining packages and private chefs available, parents can rest assured their children will receive delicious, healthy gourmet meals.  Hawaii Yachts understands that even the best parents need the occasional break from the loving chaos of childhood and provides optional babysitting and child care services.  All our sitters are certified and very experienced, allowing you to relax knowing that your child is happy, having fun, and safe.  For all-ages entertainment, Hawaii Yachts optionally provides games and activities for everyone aboard, so your family can bond while having fun!

Family yacht sails allow parents to share the joys of the ocean with their sons and daughters, creating an intimate and unique memory that will last forever.



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