Luxury, leisure, recreation – our M.V. Luxury Fishing Viking Lurline 65 exemplifies these ideals with its spacious cabin, multiple bedrooms, and ample fishing deck. Perfect for island charters and day trips, the Lurline grants everyone the necessary space and facilities to relax however they please. Recline on the plush living room sofa or sit atop the fishing deck, poised to catch your next meal prepared by your personal chef. While you are busy fishing, reminiscing of the days of old, perhaps your partner might find herself in the galley, receiving personal pampering by your private stylist or massage therapist.

Professionally maintained and operated, the Lurline comes complete with a commercial slip with electrical power.  Sparing no expense, the Lurline makes full use of its electrical capabilities, allowing for a bright and friendly luminescence even during the darkest of nights.